More Than Anything… #amwriting

It’s not like me to be stuck in a story, unable to move forward only because there’s this invisible wall standing between my characters and their future. But for my secret project where I tackle a world that’s not my own, I’ve been hitting this wall for the past four days. And it’s not just budging past 7K words.

I mean, 7k words is a lot, when you think about it. And in my case, basically a world’s been set, characters have been introduced and hopefully the conflict has also been given ample attention. And there’s also my voice which is there, no matter how anyone looks at it. It’s not the original author’s voice but my own, which makes this secret project interesting because I can bring in characters from my series and still keep ownership of them when the story’s done.

But I’ve hit a wall and I’m stuck. Too bad I’m not quite the plotter but a writer who lets the characters do their thing and tell me after they’ve done it. It doesn’t help that this wall is also a steamy scene between them, the first of hopefully more. But something was missing and I couldn’t figure out what it was… until fellow author, Catherine C. Heywood, asked me two questions:

And I’ll be darned, but I think it’s working. It ought to be automatic for me to know those questions but it happens. Still, the missing puzzle pieces that I needed… and now I’m off to write for the day.

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