Musings Over Coffee: I’m a Campaigner

Following Britestfyrefly’s post yesterday about personality types, I decided to finally check out what mine was. And the results are in! And not surprising…

Looks like I’m in good company!

A few of the things that struck me were this:

Campaigners will spend a lot of time exploring social relationships, feelings and ideas before they find something that really rings true. But when they finally do find their place in the world, their imagination, empathy and courage are likely to produce incredible results.

When I started writing my stories, they were mostly thrillers, suspense, even fantasy. But one thing that critique partners would always bring up was how the interactions between my characters always stood out, most of all their relationships.

In real life, I’ve explored so many different types of relationships, constantly searching for what “really rings true” to me. In one relationship, we explored polyamory although he was the one practicing it (much to my dismay but it was experimental at that point, at least, for me) and when I mentioned I was ready to “see” someone else, he freaked out and said NO. So there went the polyamory experiment. I actually had no one else in the horizon but it was worth a look to see what he’d say.

As a writer, I explore social relationships through my stories because, well, fictional relationships, at least in my case, are more exciting than their real life counterparts.

And then there was this:

Poor Practical Skills – When it comes to conceiving ideas and starting projects, especially involving other people, Campaigners have exceptional talent. Unfortunately their skill with upkeep, administration, and follow-through on those projects struggles. Without more hands-on people to help push day-to-day things along, Campaigners’ ideas are likely to remain just that – ideas.

That’s one sure sign that in a zombie apocalypse, I’d be useless.

What about you? What personality type are you?

You can do your own test to find out here.

Published by Liz

Romance me writes stories with happy endings while my naughty pen writes the naughty ones. I also accidentally step on Legos daily while balancing my cup of tea and biscuits.

15 thoughts on “Musings Over Coffee: I’m a Campaigner

    1. It’s interesting with my results that being an extrovert is just about in the middle. I can be both depending on my mood although I’d still be useless in a zombie apocalypse.

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  1. I find it somewhat odious to be in a “polyamory” relationship and then go “NO” when your partner suggests they will do it too! Hope you’ve moved on or he’s grown up!!

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  2. Apparently I’m a consul! Though after reading about consuls I think I must be a blend with something else. A lot is true but a chunk is not.

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    1. I think we’re probably blends of different types, especially depending on the situations we find ourselves in. I know the test said to avoid answering in neutral as much as possible but I couldn’t avoid that with some of the questions. Still, the campaigner seems to be more me in a nutshell.

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