So Hey! I’ve Got A New Book Coming Out!

Life is all about changes and for me, one of them came unexpectedly yesterday. My novella, In His Heart, trimmed from a 50K word novel to fit the requirements of a box set, is out of said box set and is now a free agent. Don’t ask, don’t tell as they say but it’s all good. Just don’t ask me to join another box set. Like, ever.

California Love Series (1)

What’s really cool is that I get to finally name the series that comprise Finding Sam and the upcoming novella, In His Heart, and what could be more perfect than California Love? No, it’s not on that banner thing because I was busy heating hotdogs for the little guy while trying to be creative #fail

Edited to add: I did get my act together and put the series name on there!

But it’s all about new beginnings and changes and that’s what this post is about. It’s not really a formal announcement or anything. More like the usual thinking-out-loud process I go through when undertaking something I didn’t plan at all while in the midst of writing another story due in September… well, until yesterday afternoon when the decision was made that I could leave the box set freely and finally this morning, when I got my cover all spiffed up and the ebook file ready to go.

If you’ve read Finding Sam, then you’ve read the teaser for In His Heart at the back of the book. If not, you can read the full prologue here.

Preorder links should be live in the next three days and for the introductory price of 99 cents, it’s an awesome deal! Oh, and it’s got some steamy bits… probably two.

in his heart pronoun

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8 thoughts on “So Hey! I’ve Got A New Book Coming Out!

  1. Sounds good. Still reading Katie in Love by Chloe Thurlow. Real writers move off Facebook and we can direct each other to our work through other channels online for literate people.

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    1. Gotta check out that book! I’ve been taking some time to read but of late, because of deadlines, writing, editing, and marketing is cutting into my reading time.

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      1. Chloe’s writing is exceptional. Not a typical kind of book for me but her rhythm is incredible and flowing. She says it is her best book. That saddens me because I want to read all the others after this one. So in the meantime I have my icecream as the entree

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    1. So tempted to add another one to it, but Olivia and Josh weren’t having any of it. The story ended up being only 28K words once I took all the police/detective bits out of it.

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