Good As New

One of the reasons I had Musing Over Coffee posts was because my Macbook had gotten so slow that I could literally make coffee while it was compiling whatever I wanted it to do. So it forced me to just relax and… well, muse over my coffee.

Well, I finally had enough of the waiting and the musing, and so ignoring people’s suggestions to do it myself, I took my baby to the nearby computer repair place that I’ve been meaning to take it to for the past year and told him I needed an upgrade.

“It will take a few days,” the guy said.

“How many?”

“Three days.”

“I’m a writer. I can’t be without this thing for over a day. But I heard it only takes a few hours,” I told him.

“We do have express for additional $59.”

“How fast will express get me?”

“Two days.”

I probably gave him that look before I said, “I talked to someone who could do it in three hours. I’ll just go and find him.”


“Did you back up the hard drive?” He asked.


“Time machine?”


“Do you want 250 or 500?” He must have meant the RAM thing.

“What’s the biggest you got?”


“Then 500 it is. Are you going to charge me that extra $59?”

“No, I won’t.”

“Here you go.” I handed him my Macbook Pro; he wrote me out a work order and handed it to me.

“Three hours. Pick it up at one.”

It didn’t really go down like that but you know what I mean. Add a prosciutto with egg breakfast sandwich and a cup of delicious coffee next door, then struggling with the pc laptop while handling author affairs on Facebook and finding myself out of a box set, and I’m feeling good as new, thank you very much.

And it was worth every penny.

Oh, and because my summer release is not in a box set anymore, I’ll have a new book out very soon!

Yup! Good as new!

Published by Liz

Romance me writes stories with happy endings while my naughty pen writes the naughty ones. I also accidentally step on Legos daily while balancing my cup of tea and biscuits.

3 thoughts on “Good As New

    1. Lots of things annoy me LOL But in this case, it was the organizer making a decision on her own 20 days before release day without letting 14 other authors know until after she made the change. I was the only one who disagreed with her actions and her excuses so she gave me the option to leave and I happily took it. So now I have a release in my hands but I’m just putting it out there without any fanfare. One really needs to read Finding Sam before they get what goes on in In His Heart. Even Loving Riley is getting a lot of returns because people buy it thinking they don’t need to read the first book but you just have to.

      Where are your files, girl? I have a new macbookpro and it’s even faster!

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