Monday Musings On Getting Older and Sex

Did you know that this month is my birthday month? Yup, the 30 days of Velvet starts today and so far, so good. I have to use my real name because I’m starting to answer to Liz even at Starbucks and my kid has to add (in a loud voice), “Did you know her name is also Velvet?”

And speaking of my son, he keeps asking how old I am and I have to remind him that women do not divulge their ages.

“So are you old?” he prods anyway.

“Pretty much.”

“Like, a hundred?”

“Um, no. Just don’t ask women  how old they are.”

“So what year were you born?”

No, I’m not falling for that line of questioning, although he’s a sneaky one. Anyway, so May is my birthday month and this is when I have to dig in and finish writing one book so I can write the next one. I’ve noticed that it’s kinda how this thing works, and even better when you finish a series instead of writing standalone novels all over the place.

So what’s next?

I’m currently working on Falling for Jordan, a novel set in the world of Dax and Harlow (Different Kind of Love series) and I think I blogged about how I fell in love with the stock photo and had to write something even though I had no idea what to write. But the moment I started writing, first following some storyline I plotted on paper that had nothing to do with any of my series(es), I ditched the plotting and it’s now a story involving Dr. Addison Rowe, Harlow’s friend.

After this, I’ll be tackling the Kindle World I talked about in this post but have yet to decide whether I should write it under my author name or a pen name because this world has TONS OF SEX. Doesn’t mean my contribution has to have tons of sex but it’s what the series is known for. But honestly, I really don’t know.

If you’re a reader of my books, what do you think? Do you prefer more sex or less sex? Knowing your favorite author writes smutty books under the same name or a pen name? This inquiring mind wants to know!

19 thoughts on “Monday Musings On Getting Older and Sex

  1. Here I come sounding all prude, but I’d appreciate a different alias in regards to level of smut (your term, and I think it’s a fun word). As a fellow writer, I know that eventually I will eventually have to elude to some steamy sexual tension that may or may not be dealt with. I’d say, if it doesn’t require too many extra loop holes to jump thru, try to separate the two.

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    1. Totally understand because a big part of me is scratching her head as to why I’m pushing myself into this direction (maybe because it’s where I’ve found myself lumped as an author group on FB?). I don’t even know why I’m considering it since I can’t seem to finish anything meant to be racy without putting more plot and character development in it. I saw the word “smut” used by many book sites that rank such books that I’ve found myself reading of late because of the Kindle World I have found myself in, and still have to look it up to see what that really means in regards to writing. Someone had suggested that I have a disclaimer saying the steamy books are “racier than usual” which *could* work, but at the same time, I’m better off using a pen name – or even better, focus on the stuff I actually write by default because it’s what I love most of all. And judging from the way the story for Falling for Jordan is coming along quite nicely, I’m back to writing what I love most, about identity, family and love.

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      1. What dude? LOL I’m really writing it because of that baby. I saw it and thought, “I have to write something! What to write? I have no idea but it will come!”

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  2. For me, I like a balance between sex and story. If the book is too much sex, then I might as well watch porn where it’s mostly sex and no plot. I’m still working my way through your book, so I can’t comment on your writing. However, I feel a balance is best =) That’s just me though.

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    1. I grew up reading Harold Robbins thinking it was all about sex (even though The Adventurers clocks at 800 pages) only to find out last year when I got the book again that it’s probably only 10% and even then, it’s lights out! These days, the books I’ve downloaded from bestselling authors of my genre end up being 50/50 explicit sex and plot and I’ve started skimming over the sex to get to the plot.

      My readers have told me they like the balance I have which is 10-15% sex although it can be steamy except for Loving Ashe which I ended up removing the steamy when I found out my mother bought the book. I guess I’m stuck when it comes to deciding whether to do this Kindle Word thing or not. I do like the challenge though of writing a 15K word story in someone else’s world. Basically fan fiction LOL

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  3. When I read erotica I like plot but I also like sex. I read it to my wife and she likes the mix. Stuff we read probably has close to 40-50 % sex.
    I never understood the use of a pen name as it seems most authors who use a “pen name” eventually tell the world who the writer really is. Why bother with the pen name in the first place?? So stay with your writer nom de plume!
    And keep the sex at a level where you feel comfortable. As a male I still find porn boring as hell because all it is is repetitive sex. I like the story line to give meaning to the sex. Honestly it is more exciting then.


    1. So now I totally need to know what you’re reading LOL You’re the first guy I know who admits to read them so I want a reading list and I’ll call it “Erotica Real Guys Read” 🙂

      Yeah the pen name thing is something I volley back and forth (yes/no) if only to protect the family especially since I just saw my last name show up in a New Yorker article related to the infamous Philippine president, something I totally forgot about which probably means I gotta keep it clean LOL

      But if I do go the steamy pen name route, that means I start over in advertising and just let it go. But right now, it all depends on what I write. Half the time, I stop and go, just how many times can the D go into the V? 😀

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  4. Happiest birthday, Liz!
    I too am totally hooked onto the baby on the cover of the photo! I noticed the guy several beats later after cooing over the kid!! lol..
    I think that if a book has steamy scenes, then those scenes should develop the story, they should provide a forward pace to the story. Also, the frequency and the amount depends on your comfort level. If the reader is acquainted with your writing, he/she will know how much of smut to expect from the book. As for writing under a pen name, I’m fine with both “Liz” and “Velvet”! Do a coin toss!! lol
    Also, good luck with Falling for Jordan and Kindle World.
    Love ❤

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    1. Thank you so much! That baby sure is something although thank goodness the steamy scenes in that book are going to be minimal, I think. The Kindle World on the other hand, I have no idea. I know one author friend who does it in alternating chapters but that got boring fast. I probably should do a coin toss and maybe have Author Velvet as the other option although there’s someone with that name already, I think, at least, in the Kindle store. Or I’ll pick something so simple LOL


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