Musings Over Coffee: The Little Match Girl and Fan Fiction

I had to update my Author Bio on Amazon the other day to stay within the requirements of their terms. No links to other websites or my newsletter and all that. And so I had to come up with a new biography from the one I used to post. This version had more to do with when I knew I wanted to be a writer.

Ever since she read original Little Mermaid and The Little Match Girl fairy tales, Liz always wanted to be a writer, if only to change those endings to be happier. Someone beat her to it with The Little Mermaid but that still leaves The Little Match Girl to tackle.

Unfortunately, Liz went through the roundabout way of writing (even though she studied Journalism in college). She worked as a radio newscaster, physical therapy technician, advertising rep, and massage therapist and instructor before she finally remembered that there was still a little match girl somewhere waiting for her happy ending.

You’ll find the spirit of that little match girl in Liz’s books, of which there are five full-length novels and countless short stories. She currently lives with her family and a possessive chihuahua mix in Southern California.

I didn’t realize until I wrote that last paragraph that most of my heroines, if not all of them, are that little match girl waiting for someone to offer her warmth, some compassion… a home. That no one ever did and left her to freeze to death (spoiler!) became etched in my heart forever. I couldn’t understand it then and I still can’t understand it now. But that point can be debated forever so I’m going to stick to writing a better ending for that little match girl the best I can.

Speaking of writing, I’m going back to writing fan fiction for a few weeks–authorized fan fiction, that is. Namely Kindle Worlds. I first heard of Kindle Worlds through thriller author Russell Blake in a podcast last year but didn’t explore it further because I had my own worlds already. But that was before I stumbled upon a call for authors to write stories for a Kindle World by an author I greatly admire. Still not knowing how the whole thing works, I signed up and now I’ve got a book to write before the middle of summer.

Now I just have to decide whether creating a pen name for racier fare is needed even if I’ve considered it many times. I honestly don’t want to create another platform. Remaking my platform last year after hubby said he preferred I not use “his married” name was stressful as heck (he thought that if I offended someone online they could find us and cause trouble; but heck, you can find anyone these days if you really tried). But it was also the best thing that ever happened to me. For the first time, I was proud to call myself an author. There was no more hiding now. In fact, Everything She Ever Wanted holds a very special place in my heart because it’s my “coming out” book.

But back to the Kindle World I’m thinking of writing for the next two weeks. I’m still on the fence because I already have my own stories to complete. But the author who owns this world (also called world licensor) has added a clause in the contract that says authors can add their own characters from their own stories and they’ll remain the property of the author, not the world licensor. I double-checked and triple-checked. So… fan fiction. I just might dive into that again because I just love this author’s world so much.

It also gives me other characters besides my own to obsess about for a change…

3 thoughts on “Musings Over Coffee: The Little Match Girl and Fan Fiction

      1. In my soul I understood. I have had several lives. Now at the age I am after all the pain I have endured it is people on the street who hugged and kissed me and helped me on my feet again.

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