Musings Over a Late Cuppa: A Book Birthday and One Sizzling Hot Read

I feel like it’s my birthday – without having to tell anyone how old I am. In this case, it’s the birth of a book although it’s really more a culmination of two years of hard work, from the time I started writing it around March 2015 until its release date today. Forget that there was at least a year in between where it sat in that virtual drawer and almost got tossed out of the hard drive.

It’s here and I want to say thank you for buying a copy, reading my blog posts about the whole drawn-out process of getting this book out, and more importantly, still being here. That’s probably the most important thing, especially if you’re reading this. You’re still here!

Thank you!

Just to document the day, I’d like to add a few screenshots so one day when I look back at all this, I can say, “you know, it did make it to blah-blah-blah…” even if whoever I’d tell it to would probably roll their eyes and say, “Can you stop already?”

I spotted it making its rounds on Apple iBooks Paid bestsellers:

Spotted it sitting on #1 in New Releases on Amazon

It’s currently sitting at 8k ranking in the overall Amazon store and #8 in… wait, those things actually don’t matter as much as the book is finally out and you’re still reading this.

So, yup, happy book birthday to me.

So what do I now that the book is done and dusted and out there in the wild? Not Disneyland – nope. Been there, done that, bought the annual pass.

I’m reading and you know what’s on my paperwhite at the moment and has me riveted and ready to worship at the feet of CD Reiss?

This. This… this!

All I can say is, holy moly, but this is one sizzling hot read! So hot I might need to light up and I’m not even done yet – and I don’t smoke.

20 thoughts on “Musings Over a Late Cuppa: A Book Birthday and One Sizzling Hot Read

      1. She’s seriously making me rethink my “OMG what if my mother reads about the sex? Or my aunt or my HS classmate?” to “what the heck, just write it.”

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      1. Oh, I remember those days when I would lay in amazement (instead of sleeping) that the little one who’s not so little anymore would sleep through the night.

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