Indecision 2017

Sometimes I feel that’s the tagline for my year so far. Indecision 2017.  With so many instances where I’ve changed my mind about so many things, it’s time I start being more organized (even if I kinda am, in a way) and most importantly, making such organization details visible where I can see them.

I remember the days of the Franklin Day Planners and Day Runners.  Anyone remember them? I had the biggest one, a leather bound monster filled with so many dates – my client appointments, class dates, calls to companies to pitch my chair massage events and proposals, advertising deadlines and so on.   I mean, I was so organized it wasn’t funny.  I also had no life outside of my private practice, but that’s not the point of this post… 

So what happened?

The smartphone happened, that’s what.  Suddenly I could “pencil in” everyone into my phone – appointments, classes, meetings – and I didn’t have to carry anything bulky with me.  The problem is, when I switched off my phone, there went whatever schedule I had penciled in. The calendar on my wall remained empty and thus, nothing to remind me that I had things to do unless I switched on my phone and navigated to my Calendar app.

So last month, after having a major anxiety attack over the delay of the release of Loving Riley – not to mention the indecision surrounding its cover (one day it was this and the next, it was that) – I positioned a calendar right in front of my workspace.  It didn’t even matter if it didn’t go with the decor.  I had to place it where I could see it EVERY DAY.

Only now the dates taunt me with indecisions – and wrong decisions – galore, like picking the latest possible date to delay the release of my latest book only to get accepted for a book promotion based on the original release date.  It’s the story of my life and I’m tired of it. I wish I could just make a decision and stick to it.  But maybe having that calendar in front of me to see everyday will help me get my act together.

What about you? Do you use day planners and organizers? Or is your calendar limited to what’s on your phone?

6 thoughts on “Indecision 2017

    1. I’m glad to see I’m not alone. Balance is so hard to find in these things and now I’m about to do something crazy because I messed up my preorder: I’ll have to two release dates and who knows? It could be the worst decision or it could be the best. Only one way to find out.

      Hopefully you’ll get to exercise that creative muscle more, Aidan! I’m trying everyday but then there’s a messy house that’s also in need of attention LOL

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  1. Ugh, this is so me! Ever since I decided to start writing part-time in June, I’ve been feeling up my calendar. In June, I plan to start my freelance writing business and submit Clash of Tides to publishers, so it’s busy busy busy. Right now, I’m networking with other writers, and I plan to start going to Writer’s Conferences in real life.

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