Thoughts Over Late Morning Coffee: Edits

I finally got my manuscript for Book 2 from the editor. Oy vey! The red marks were everywhere! Everywhere! The manuscript was blindingly red, but this time I didn’t panic like I did when I received the edits of Book 1 in 2015 and ignored every single one of her corrections/suggestions because there were 190 semi-colons for 87K words and back then, I was horrified.

But like Jon Snow, I knew nothing.

So after looking through all her changes and suggestions, I revisited the edits of Book 1 and formatted them in a new book file which I’m uploading to all vendors today to replace the one I have had for awhile now. There’s a reason we hire editors – they can make a story better. Too bad it took me two years to realize that with the edits she made to Book 2.

Maybe it was just arrogance that I ignored her edits and insisted on putting out my own version, but with Book 2 needing significant help after I tried to edit and revise it over eight times in one year and could no longer see the forest for the trees, the lesson came at just the right time. Why I never sent it to her last year, I can only blame on impostor syndrome. Thank goodness, I’ve recovered from that now.

Editors are important. A good one, even more so.

And even though Book 2 will seem like a step back from my style of writing in Everything She Ever Wanted, it’s an emotional release (and a major accomplishment given the crippling fear of failure and unworthiness as a writer that gripped me from the end of 2015 to most of 2016) for me to get it out whether people love it or not.

But first, all those red marks; they were humbling.

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