How Do You Know When Editorial Feedback is ‘Right’? – CATHERINE RYAN HOWARD

A quick reblog because I love this – and it’s to remind me why I have an editor, to begin with.

Editing does not mean correcting. It does not mean changing things without your say so. It does not mean overriding you or your vision for your book. In fact, done right, it’s about helping you fully realise that vision. When we write books, there’s often a gap between the idea of it we had in our head and what we actually produce on the page. An editor will help you close or at least narrow that gap. And you both have a common goal: to make this book the best it can be. The editor doesn’t want to rewrite your book. The editor wants to help you do that, better than you did last time around when you only had the inside of your own head to rely upon.

Source: How Do You Know When Editorial Feedback is ‘Right’? – CATHERINE RYAN HOWARD

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