Some Days, Not So Pretty

The life of this full-time writer means waking up, getting breakfast ready, waking up the kid and getting him ready for school (which is always a battle) and then after I drop him off, it’s back home to write. I usually take a break to take a long walk with friends to the beach or walk the dog, and figure out what to cook for dinner before going back to the computer to write those words again (this does not include checking to see how my ads are doing, following up on any promos I’ve scheduled myself in, etc.).  If I could live in my jammies, I would but I can’t so it’s usually a plain t-shirt (usually black) and yoga pants or jeans for me most days.

Today I decided to wear a pink t-shirt over the usual yoga pants and the moment my son saw me, his face lit up.

Kid (7 yo): Mom, you look very pretty! I love you in pink!

Me: Why! Thank you!  (kiss kiss) So what about on other days when I don’t wear pink, do I not look pretty then?

Kid: (after a pause) No.  Those days, you’re not pretty.

Sometimes I really need to leave compliments alone…

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