Editing Blues

There’s nothing like receiving a note from your editor saying they’ve read your novel and they need a bit more time because “there’s a fair bit to do” that has you thinking that maybe that revision you wrote last year was the way to go.  You know, that revision that had you removing subplots A and B so you could concentrate your story on the main conflict, i.e. the one you talk about in the blurb because that was the only thing that mattered and the rest were fillers?

Oh, the joys of waiting…


On a different note, I shared the post about writing 150 novels in 5 years to one of my FB groups and all everyone can talk about is that they already do that – all with modern technology, of course, like dictation software or that they’ve written the same number of books but they’re between 20K – 35K words, which wasn’t the point of the article.

Then I realized none of them bothered to read it anyway.


12 thoughts on “Editing Blues

      1. LOL no, I’ll never know. She only has the original version, the one where Ashe was the most authentic, not the one-year-later version of him who was already self-aware of what was going to happen. I think you were the one who picked up on that one.

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