Now Comes the Waiting

Hard to believe but I just spent the last eight hours butt-to-chair finishing up the self-edits of Loving Riley before I attached the Word files for my editor (.doc and .docx because I couldn’t remember what she preferred) and hit Send.  And I did this without any of my web browsers up.  Yep, disconnected from the web although I did have my phone in case I needed to look up something.

And now comes the waiting.

I was so scared to send this off to my editor because there are so many things wrong with it.  But that’s me saying that after overthinking the whole book for the past year and hearing only the negative things some readers said about it during its beta phase.  I’ve also over-thought and revised the first 3/4 of the book and just saw the last 1/4 this morning.

And boy, is it bad.  But like she said in her email this morning as I agonized about the manuscript, “let me read it through; I’ll tell you what I think then.” And that’s what I did.  I just hope it’s not that bad.

Sometimes I feel like an Olympic athlete who does her routine and you can tell exactly when she realizes she messed up.  She’ll keep going but during the review of her routine, she’ll tell you, yep, I knew I messed up right here.


Is it always this bad before you send off your work?

I’ve forgotten, somehow, but then this is also the sequel to a book that’s been well-received overall, much more than my latest release.  And it’s also probably the one I’m very attached to because I love the characters so much.

So how about you?  How’s your Monday so far?

2 thoughts on “Now Comes the Waiting

  1. Congrats on getting your edits finished. And I do feel like you are worrying too much. As for my Monday, it’s going well. I do wish I wrote more this weekend, but I’ve been stressed lately.

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    1. Oh no! I hope you got more writing in! And hopefully the source of the stress goes away soon! I do hope my story isn’t as bad as I think it is. But that’s probably what happens when you’re the only one who’s seen the story in a year after the beta readers got a hold of it. And except for my son’s aide who read it in one day and loved it, the critic is winning. But now I just have to wait which means I have to write the next book which is part of a box set that’s due on 3/1.

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