A Nice Surprise #selfpublishing

Guess my Valentine’s Day turned out well, after all, especially for my book, Everything She Ever Wanted, which got the yellow-orange sticker last night for Amazon US. That and the delicious macarons I got from our local bakery…


The highest ranking it earned is #797 in the whole Amazon store which is pretty cool.


It also got me that Author Rank thing that I’ve never seen before, even if it’s only for one day.


While most readers probably don’t care whether a book got a high ranking or got the yellow banner, I think authors certainly do make a note of such things.  If anything, it’s a way to measure whether what we’re doing is working or not.

In this case, I wanted to offer my book to my subscribers who asked me when it was going on sale. At the same time, I didn’t want to just offer it for sale without making any preparations to expand my reach beyond my mailing list.  Authors still have to market, no matter what, or at least have a plan.

My plan (considering I’m a terrible planner) was pretty straightforward:

  1. Continue doing Facebook ads up until the sale date when I’d pause them.
  2. Send a newsletter to my list on February 13 and then another one on February 14 to those who didn’t open the first email.
  3. Schedule newsletter blasts with BargainBooksy and Love Kissed Author Promotions.  Robin Reads, ENT and EbookSoda were good alternatives but the dates were all taken.  BookBub, the holy grail of book advertising, had already declined to feature my book when I applied in January.
  4. Schedule newsletter swaps with other authors, asking them to feature my book in their newsletter and I’d feature their book in mine.  It definitely helps expand your reach and when you’re working with authors of your genre.  Unfortunately, I over-committed myself in this one and it stressed me out considerably.
  5. Tweeted and blogged about the sale on 2/13 and 2/14.
  6. Just set up a new FB ad for the sale that ends at midnight tonight.  While the ROI isn’t the greatest (yet), I’ll let it run until the end of the sale. On second thought, just turned the ad off since it was $0.40 per click and switched on my old ad at $0.13 per click.

So there you have it. Just another day at the office, basically, and I need to get back to writing because there’s a sequel that needs to get done and a novel for a box set that needs to be submitted.  If you’d like a copy of Everything She Ever Wanted, let me know in the comments.  I’ve got one (1) copy to gift away!



8 thoughts on “A Nice Surprise #selfpublishing

  1. I honestly don’t think readers care about writers. You know, being featured, bestseller, etc. When I was on Wattpad, none of my readers ever cared about my accomplishments; however, my fellow writers did.

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    1. Yep, I was wondering about that, especially since this is where my readers will find me after they read the book and choose to read my blog to see what’s up. But sometimes I just want to write self-publishing stuff, too, so I figured, it’s me writing as a writer and author. Some posts will resonate with readers while some, only writers will get.

      Wattpad can certainly be a strange environment. I know my readers want primarily to read the stories but they do celebrate my accomplishments, even if it’s a small percentage, and some follow me on social media especially since I now publish most of my work outside of Wattpad.

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      1. It is a strange environment, but I feel it’s mostly a “free” environment. If you aren’t pumping out stories like a mad woman, no one is interested :/ However, it is what it is =) For every 20 readers I had, I only had one reader who actually cared about my accomplishments.


      2. =) I’m glad things are working out for you, Liz =) It’s nice to know that writers have many avenues to get their work out there. Right now, I’m working on my first story submissions. It’s a 100-word story, but it’s a start.


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