When Your Characters Write Poetry…

So Dax wrote Harlow a poem for Valentine’s.  This is part of my #ChickLitLove Hop going on over on Facebook but I tweaked it just a bit for this post.

Here it is:

Dearest Harlow,
You give me palpitations
of the very good kind,
No, I don’t have tachycardia,
it’s just a term I hope you won’t mind
to hear me actually using.
It’s a term I just learned
that I hope will impress you
for you make my heart burn
No! Not that kind of heartburn
but the much better kind,
The one that has four chambers,
not the tube that sends food on rewind
But seriously, my Harlow,
you are the sun to my moon,
Now unless you want to hear more awful poetry,
let’s finish this in the bedroom.

Te Amo,

P.S. You are actually the moon to my sun, but the only rhymes I can think of are pretty NSFW :/

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