So I Got Featured…

Yup, just like the titles says, I got featured over at Instafreebie and I forgot to tell anyone all about it.  And then I realized nine days later, that because they post every day, if I didn’t at least find the link to it, then I’ll never find it!

So here it is, and I even have an author picture to go with it, although this one was taken a few years ago in our garden gazebo and there was even a makeup artist in attendance.  But then, my brother is a professional photographer…

They sent me a questionnaire first and here are my answers:

Any (not-so-secret) pen names: haha it’s a secret!

Favorite genre to write: Women’s Fiction and Romance with hints of mystery

Favorite genre to read: Mystery/Suspense

My readers would be surprised to know that I draw. It makes my mom happy to know that if this writing “gig” doesn’t work out, I can set up a stand at the park and draw your portrait for a fee. My favorite medium is graphite and colored pencils as well as digital art using a tablet although these days, I just draw straight on my iPad or iPhone. Whenever I’m stumped on my books’ arc, conflict or plot, I’m usually drawing away and posting them on Instagram. If you don’t see my drawings, that means I’m busy writing!

You should pick up “Loving Ashe” because it’s a sweet chick lit romance between a sweet barista named Riley Eames and the swoony British actor she gets trapped with in a Midtown Manhattan elevator. It’s about opening your heart again to love even when your personal world seems to be falling apart.

Describe “Loving Ashe” in one word: swoon

Speaking of drawing, these are a few and they’re all drawn in a red art journal.  My favorite medium are graphite pencils, colored pencils, and ink.  I started doing portraiture but love line drawing so much I used to just do the line drawing and fill it in with color. I struggle with shading still and can’t, fo rthe life of me, do hair.  Sometimes I color it on my iPhone like I did the one of Jim Morrison of the Doors.


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