My Book Plans… So Far

Such an unimaginative title for my post today but that’s only because I finally caught the cold the kiddo has been fighting the past two weeks.  Just the other day, I congratulated myself for not having caught it but I spoke too soon.  I felt it yesterday when everything started to hurt, even my teeth, and today, my nose is runny.  I know, TMI.

But I’m still editing the sequel to Loving Ashe.  After all, I’ve got 45 or so days left before it launches on March 30, and I need to get it all done (self-edited and revised) before my editor gets it at the end of the month.  From then on, it’s crunch time.  I don’t know if she will like it or not, but either way, I’ll probably be a mess in March.  But that’s the name of the author game, which is why, right now, I’m working on the book one chapter at a time just making sure that the plot and character arc are as perfect as I can make it while shutting out the voice of the one beta reader who hated it and everyone else who wanted it to be another 50 Shades of Grey.  *And no, I can’t let this series go there; that will be for the pen name.  It also doesn’t help that my mother just went on an Amazon binge, buying all my books last week… 

Like Loving Ashe, Loving Riley is packed with plot and is written the way I like my mainstream books – with lots of drama and more drama. I’ve only been agonizing over this book for the last year and a half which is why it’s not going to get that great a fanfare as Everything She Ever Wanted did.  For the first time in my author career, I’m petrified over whether readers will like Ashe’s story or not.  But then, at the same time, I tell myself that it’s my story and I can’t please everyone.  There will always be haters.

Yup, that’s the cover! And if you swore you saw a different one (or two), well, this is the final cover!

So far, this is how my schedule looks so far.

  • February 27Loving Riley manuscript due to the editor
  • March 30 – book launch for Loving Riley
  • March 30 – manuscript of In His Heart due for a box set I’m part of that releases in May
  • Somewhere in between – Blythe’s story from the Fire & Ice series
  • September 18 – book launch for Falling for Jordan

Falling for Jordan is one of those books that wasn’t in the original publishing schedule but the moment I saw the stock photo, I knew I HAD to write the story.  And so I have it already set up to release on September 18, and with the first chapter already done (kinda), I’ll be working on it in the summer.

In the midst of that schedule above, I also have books scheduled for the pen name – it’s a darker series and so it won’t get air time here.

All these books also mean one thing: I’m moving away from the world of Dax and Harlow for awhile, but not before setting them up for one more photo shoot. (I do have three more books planned in that universe, so not to worry!)

I had redone my books with my new author brand font which meant I had to redo the paperback. Somehow, though, I ended up making the name so big to match the title, and honestly, it’s so big at the bottom it’s a miracle it didn’t get cut off in the printing.  But it’s still so pretty – and guess what?! It has the epilogue I swore I wasn’t going to write!

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