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“On the surface, the book is a satire of Soviet antics and recriminations through the lens the devil visiting Moscow. Below this layer, however, The Master and Margarita is a Faustian tale of a writer and his struggle to publish his life’s work. It’s the story of a man questioning the purpose of striving when happiness seems forever unobtainable. It’s a work of historical fiction, a deep and moving exploration of the cowardice and guilt of Pontius Pilate’s betrayal of Jesus. It aligns two worlds—Stalin’s Moscow and Caesar’s Jerusalem—in its depiction of the dictators’ omniscient presence and the consequences for individuals living beneath them. It’s the story of the writer and his muse, told in the rich Russian tradition; it shows loss and the redemptive power of love as well as anything rendered in Doctor Zhivago and Anna Karenina, replete with all of the intricacies and foibles of humans in relationships.”

In the Face of Constant Censorship, Bulgakov Kept Writing, LitHub

I have two translations of Master and Margarita by Mikhael Bulgakov and I’m ready to dive into it again.  It’s one of those books you just can’t read and forget, or read along with three other books at the same time in your Kindle library.  I actually have the paperbacks as well as one version in iBooks.  It’s one of those books that makes you think.

Today, as I scrolled through my Facebook and Twitter timeline, I wondered how one could continue writing romances as the world around me feels like it’s going through a rough patch of turbulence – and it’s only just the beginning.  Shouldn’t I be doing something else?

But then I look at everyone I know who still has to go to work in the morning, whatever it is they may be doing; the checker at the supermarket, the mailman, and the teachers.  We all have to keep on doing the same thing. We have to keep living no matter all the gloom and doom our Facebook timelines may show.

And so I have to keep writing.

Speaking of writing, today I made the important decision to announce the release of my next book.  It’s the second book of the Celebrity series, the duet to complete Loving Ashe titled Loving Riley.  It’s Ashe Hunter’s story that straddles literary fiction, contemporary romance, and a little mystery.  It’s a book that I’ve agonized over for the past year until it crippled my self-confidence, and it’s time to let it go.

I have to keep writing.

Want to be the first to take a peek at the brand new cover (different from the one I showed in the latest version of Loving Ashe, unfortunately)?  

Here it is!

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