Rebranding Cover Blues

So the other night, I did this:


Unfortunately, hitting the Pre-Order switch on my next book is bringing up certain fears, not just that the book is going to be good enough (I’ve resigned to it and it’s heading to the editor end of February which is a bit too late but hey, it is what it is), but that the cover isn’t going to be hot enough. It hasn’t been revealed yet because there’s one more payment (or a few additional, it depends on what the designer says) and some significant changes to photoshop out (like removing sun spots on the model’s skin because COME ON, those are definitely NOT freckles) before I can acquire the high-resolution image.

Sometimes I wonder if my ambivalence over the cover of the second book is due to the fact that I didn’t make it, and being subjected to a lot of back and forth and requests for payment after payment for every little thing. Twenty bucks here and there adds up. It’s gotten annoying that some days I’m ready to replace the rebranding of the series before I pay another dime and just do it myself.

Or maybe that’s just my fear talking…

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9 thoughts on “Rebranding Cover Blues

    1. LOL I know, right? But I had already paid for this only to pay for a new one to match the first one in the series. Facepalm moment, that’s for sure. I’m ready to do another change of Loving Ashe just to not worry about having to rebrand the next book with Gareth, too. That would be too much and then be nickel and dimed for every removal of a worry line.

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      1. These are sun spots though. I’ll send you the before and after. I think the before is way better but that means I need a new cover for loving ashe, too … again.

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