Hold That Thought…

After I wrote that post about dropping Loving Riley from my publishing queue an hour ago, I had to pick up my son from school.  While my son played on the playground, his school aide updated me with his current behavior in the classroom (the news wasn’t good).   Then, as if to break out of the dour mood that was overtaking the conversation as we tried to brainstorm how I could get him to be a better student and at least, sit down in his chair during class time and do his work, she blurted out:

“So I finished Loving Riley yesterday… and I LOVED IT.  I read it all in ONE DAY.”

It took me a moment to remember that I had older copies (unedited) of Loving Riley in the Kindle Fire I’d loaned her.  Of course, she picked the one with the cover of a specific model I cannot afford – a mock cover I created just for that version when I was deciding on paying thousands of dollars for the exclusive image or not.  I didn’t.  I just forgot that I had it stored in my Amazon cloud library.

Seeing my look of disbelief, she stressed again that she loved it and that she couldn’t put it down.

So excuse me while I hunt down that version from my Amazon cloud and do a bit more thinking…

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