Back to Basics

The last few days have been big for me.  I finalized the purchase of an exclusive photo for Loving Riley and my cover designer started on it right away.  It’s a brand new design, which explains the new book cover design for Loving Ashe, and I’ve already seen the mockups for Loving Riley.  And it’s gorgeous.

I just hope the story under the covers is just as gorgeous.

Thanks to all the finalizing of covers and all that I’m now diving back into the edits of Loving Riley.  Not rewrites.  Edits.  I’ve rewritten the first five chapter more times than I can count, but each time I think I’m happy with the outcome, it never feels right in a day or two and I always go back to the original.  That’s because the Ashe that emerges in every single rewrite is not the Ashe I know in 2015.

“I just finished Loving Ashe and LOVED it!!! Where can I find the rest of the books in the trilogy??”

I miss the original version of Ashe Hunter, the one that readers fall in love with in Loving Ashe.  In the end, the important thing is the story and the characters the way I had envisioned them in 2015, not the way I want them to be in 2017 (and written to market) unless I rewrite the entire story with characters readers from Loving Ashe will not recognize… not in a million years.  So it’s back to the basics for me.

And hopefully soon, a brand new cover reveal and book launch.

It’s a new cover!

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