Find Joy in the Ordinary

I received this the other day from friend/blogger, Chell Writes, and it’s sitting in front of one of my monitors which means I see it every day.  And that’s a good thing because sometimes I forget to do just that: find joy in the ordinary.

If you look closely, you’ll see Loving Riley’s brand new chapter peeking on the screen!

For a writer, writing what’s “ordinary” is actually quite difficult. Sometimes, the ordinary things are the ones that make me smile; no explanations needed.  My son’s smile in the morning as I drag him out of bed to get him ready for school, a quiet morning in front of my laptop as I type out the words of my heroes and heroines even if some days they leave me an emotional mess (I’m looking at you, Ashe Hunter). Ordinary is a rose blooming on one of the rose bushes I have left still thriving out of the original dozen plants I bought from a catalog so many years ago, having moved house after house through the years yet one still gives me such gorgeous blooms outside my window.  Ordinary is the smell of the Christmas tree I had to un-decorate the other day so I could set it outside on the patio to await trash day next week.  Ordinary is taking my little dog for her walk.

So find joy in the ordinary today and everyday.  It’s there.

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