Rick Bass: Why I Write

“The stories we tell in fiction – stories of warning or celebration, stories of illustrative possibility – are important.  When the shit really hits the fan for a civilization, artists can become more important than ever, in helping to bend a culture back to another direction, away from the impending and onrushing brick wall.

I believe this. I believe that by crossing the path back and forth enough times, as if weaving something, fiction can become as real as iron or wood, that it can rust, rot, or burn; that it can nourish, nurture, or inflame.  I believe that it can decide actions and shape movements, sculpt us more securely or intelligently(as well as more passionately) into the world, just as the continents on whose backs we are riding sculpt our cities, towns, and cultures.

I believe fiction can heal things, and I think we would all agree, now more than ever, that we can use some healing, and that we need it daily.”

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