Kathryn Harrison

“When you write, endless possibility exists before you.  The unwritten sentence – perhaps that will be the one, the one that makes life comprehensible, the one that reveals the beauty and order under what can sometimes seem like a landscape of chaos and cruelty.  Whenever someone asks me which book is my best, I say I hope it’s the one I’m writing now.  If what I have yet to write didn’t beckon with promise, I’d have no inducement to write – let alone the pressure that drives me to hammer and hammer at something until it seems acceptable, good enough for the moment, anyway, enough to be revisable in a day or a month.  And so, no matter that it’s characterized more often by a feeling of failure than of success, I am dependent on it.”

-Kathryn Harrison, from Why We Write: 20 Acclaimed Authors on How and Why They Do What They Do.

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