Not Exactly Distraction-Free Writing

I’ve been pretty distracted these days. Too much to check online, whether it’s my sales numbers for the day, my Facebook and Amazon ads, and networking – all of which take so much time from my writing. It doesn’t help that I’ve currently got three projects due.

  1. Revision/edits for Loving Riley. Story of my life, this is still ongoing and I don’t know when I’ll ever get my butt in gear to get this book done and dusted. I’ve never been so critical of a story for as long as I can remember. It honestly scares the crap out of me to release this baby and guaranteed, when I do, it will be quiet. I’m that scared.
  2. A novella for Sarah and Benny, characters you may have met if you read Everything She Ever Wanted. Yes, they are getting their own story and it will be part of a box set that’s coming out in May. I’m excited and hope I can get those 15K words flowing, no problem. I just wish I could release it sooner – but before I can worry about that, I have to write it first lol
  3. A series of three books under a pen name. Yup, pen name central, here I come. I thought I’d be able to get it done in the next three days, but with the little guy on holiday break, my days have been filled with kid-related activities and I can barely hear myself think, much less write anything until he and his dad go to bed – which unfortunately has become the same time my brain shuts down as well.

So with all those things on my plate, I need some distraction-free writing the moment the kid heads to school on Monday. I’ve pulled out the big guns for this AKA my Alphasmart Neo2.

It’s a sturdy distraction-free writing tool only because it was built for school kids and has no internet – no Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, or any social media. You just write your heart out and then transfer all that text to your MacBook when you’re done.  All for under $30 on eBay.

You need a cable, of course, to do transfer your files (and you can even blog on it and then transfer that into your blogging window), and it acts like a keyboard emulator. In fact, you can even use it as an external keyboard if you want and that’s what I’m doing now. So happy to have found the cable…

Unfortunately, connecting it to my MacBook just presented me with distracted writing instead. Not exactly distraction-free writing, is it?

8 thoughts on “Not Exactly Distraction-Free Writing

    1. So true! I wish I could do that. I need to make a schedule where I get the internet stuff out of the way and then dedicate the rest of the morning to writing because the moment the kid is home, it’s all-distraction, all the time.

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  1. I used to bring a tablet into work and, when the work-day ended, I stayed in the office an extra hour to write on my tablet… It was often quite a good way of finding that distraction free time; office was mostly empty, I had none of my home comforts. I don’t get to do it anymore, as I give my Girlfriend a lift to/from work as well but it was great whilst it lasted! I think the hardest thing about being a writer is finding the time to write! haha.

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    1. You’re so right about finding the time to write as being the hardest part about being a writer! My son is on holiday break and so there’s hardly been any writing time. Just when I think he’s finally asleep and I can write, my brain’s asleep, too.

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      1. I find that to be the case as well. My mind buzzes at the worst moments, like if I’m driving, or at work… as soon as I get the paper in front of me I’m asleep!


  2. One of the best things I’ve done lately for my writing is headphones. My son broke his beats so I stole them, they are awesome for noise cancelling and I taped them up and sometimes even plug them into a brainless cooking show and flip screens. It’s harder for the kids to interrupt because they have to get up and walk over to get my attention, lol. Now, what to write…..

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    1. I do that sometimes, too! My kid talks incessantly and I can’t even hear myself think. So I use my bluetooth earbuds and don’t even turn them on lol
      You’ve got stuff to write, missy! Lots of them!

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