Do It Now

“Mom, I want you to retire and stay at home and write.”

That’s what my soon-to-be-7-year-old son said to me this afternoon in the car as we made our way to the tire shop to pick up his father.

For the first time, I actually considered his words. I actually thought of calling my remaining clients and telling them I was retiring and no longer renting that studio one day a week.  I considered calling my landlady and telling her I was giving my 30-day notice.

It’s not like I haven’t been winding my practice down since I got serious about writing.  I always tell myself I need that one day to get out of the house but in reality, I don’t.  I can take a walk around the neighborhood if that’s all I need, get out of the house.   Don’t get me wrong; almost twenty years later, I still like my clients.  I just like writing more.  And when I started out in 1996, I actually went into massage because the schedule fit my freelance writing gigs more then.  That was before it turned the other way around and I stopped writing and put all my time and energy into the craft of massage.

But I’m back to writing now.  After almost ten years of not writing, resuming in 2012 and then this time, always keeping my eye on the goal, it’s time to make that decision.  At least, I don’t have to scramble looking for child care whenever school is not in session, like summer vacation.  It’s amazing how expensive child care is and in the last three summers, I haven’t made a profit from my practice at all.

So this day, the second day of the new year, I’ve made my decision.   Life is too short to be driving up and down the 405 freeway like a madwoman.  It’s too short to not be doing what I love the most.

Life is too short, period.

I found this image from Raine Miller’s post today.

4 thoughts on “Do It Now

  1. I quit my job and became a stay-at-home mom in December of 2012. While I’d love to say that writing pays the bills, it doesn’t. Lol. But, I love staying home with my kids and luckily we’re financially able for me to do so. Good luck on your new adventure! Don’t kids have the best ideas sometimes? 🙂


    1. Thank you! I sure will need it – luck as a writer, that’s for sure! Hubby has been wanting me to let go of my now-very-part-time practice to focus on my writing and be home more with our 7-year-old son with special needs and my books. If trends continue with my books and I keep on writing (and publishing), I do aim to make as much as hubby does – even more 🙂


    1. Thank you! I’ve been a professional writer for some time now, I think, since I’ve cut back on my private practice to focus on my writing. This just makes it official. Funny though, I told myself in June that I’d only do massage for six more months and here it is, six months later.


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