Happy New Year!

Wow! What a year 2016 has been and here we are, it’s the first morning of 2017 and there’s so much to do! This time last year, I was filled with so much self-doubt I couldn’t write anything worth publishing.  Even the stories I finished and were scheduled for publication didn’t make their deadlines because I was gripped with so much fear and anxiety.

But my fourth book, Everything She Ever Wanted, changed all that.  Middle of the year, around May, something just clicked and got me writing again.  And I didn’t stop until it was finished.  I probably spammed my social feed with it but for the first time last year, I was very proud of something.  I felt good about it, which was a feeling I hadn’t felt in a long time.  Even my Instagram feed reflected that happiness.


And then I wrote another story, Wild Card, and I felt really good about that, too.  At 15K words, it’s short and one day I’ll probably expand it but for now, it feels complete.  I’ve put it into Kindle Unlimited for now but will get it back out to wide distribution after the first three months.  But if you’re on KU, do check it out.  I think it’s a 45-minute read.


For the new year, my plan is pretty simple.  Anything complicated and I’ll forget them all.

  1. Write and publish more books. At least four, starting with Loving Riley, book 2 of the Celebrity series.
  2. Implement everything I’ve learned about self-publishing, i.e. book promotions and marketing smart
  3. Retire my massage practice for good this year and focus on writing.
  4. Take my little guy on a vacation to New York and Washington D.C.  Oh, and the hubby, too, of course! They both haven’t been to the East Coast yet.

While I do have publishing plans, I don’t have much when it comes to resolutions.  Well, if I do, it will end up just like this:

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