Rediscovering Your Dreams

The moment you become a self-published author, one of the things you’ll notice is that you’ll start seeing more posts on your social media like Facebook geared towards authors like you. You sign up for a free product and BAM! you’ll start getting emails. Many of them are totally hard sell. I mean, really hard sell. They’ll send you emails every few days, telling you that you absolutely need this product, service or course to build your author business because if you’re not moving those copies like hotcakes, then you’re doing something wrong.

It can be overwhelming.

What’s even more overwhelming and disheartening (a bad combination) is seeing everyone else succeeding in whatever it is they’re doing. Sometimes they end up on podcasts telling the world they make $15K to $20K a month. Some people will say you’re just jealous, but you’re also curious. What are they doing that’s getting them to that point one year after publishing, sometimes even less time than that?

Then you wonder if maybe you’re just a terrible writer and that you should just quit while you’re ahead. After all, you wrote and published that book. Bucket List #43 checked off. But you still have many more stories to tell and so you force yourself to stop feeling jealous, curious, overwhelmed and disheartened and go back to the drawing board. You write more books, making sure you don’t lose the passion that drives you along the way.

And sometimes if you’re lucky, you get a present in the mail that brings you back to the seed that was planted so many years ago when you found yourself returning to the world of a certain character, all 784 pages of it, during the toughest times of your life. And you know you’ve come back to the genesis of that long-lost dream because you cry, and then days later, you cry some more each time you pick up the book (or maybe it’s a Horcrux, who know?).

It’s finding that place in your heart where you hid all your secret dreams just so you’d fit in until a little book sent your way unearthed all the crap that covered up your dreams and then brought it back out for you to see.

You know, just in case you forgot where you kept it.


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