For Your #FridayReads


I get so excited when I make new ad images for my book so I’m sharing my latest one here.  It’s for my latest book, of course, and one that my client told me a few days ago was my best one yet – the book, not the teaser (she’s biased, though, I know, but she also did say that it was a hundred times better than all my previous books – and I don’t know how to process that at the moment lol).  She also said that she saw so much of my experiences within it, my love for New Mexico and its residents, most of all.

If you haven’t read it, it’s available on all platforms and you can learn more about it here.

Have you made teasers for your book?  What program(s) do you use?  I used to be a Photoshop expert back when I worked primarily with a Dell laptop but ever since my brother converted me to Mac, I’ve used its more inexpensive (and one-time purchase versus a monthly membership fee) Mac version called Pixelmator.  It has all the controls I’m familiar with on Photoshop and it’s also available on my iPhone and iPad.

There are also other apps that I use on my phone like Canva but nothing beats Pixelmator when I have to wrangle layer after layer after layer.

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