The Epilogue

Hard to believe that nine months ago, I stood right here, thinking my fairy tale was over, and almost blew my brains out. Thank God, I was nowhere near as drunk as I thought I was, for somewhere inside that inebriated surgeon, a voice said, no, you’re not going down like this. You’re not fading away like you always allowed yourself to disappear behind the facade of the surgeon and the researcher who was more comfortable hiding behind her credentials. You’re definitely not going down believing yourself the wife of a man more accomplished than you.

….or something like that.

Instead, I laughed at my weakness then (drunk people tend to do that besides crying into their wine), and the next morning, collided with a man who made me feel things I hadn’t felt in a long time. Beautiful, wanted, and special. Most of all, he made me feel like a woman again.

Dax Drexel.

Sure it was fast… love at first sight usually is. And it’s not for everyone, even as I imagine them scoffing about the craziness of it all. Come on! Who falls in love with someone after spending only five days together? How can I, a normally sane transplant surgeon, fall for someone so fast? How can Dax? But I’m also not about to live the rest of my life according to unspoken rules that no longer apply to me, all the “you should’s” and “you’re supposed to do it this way or that way” crap established by people who have no idea who I am or what I’ve been through. People honestly would prefer to see me unhappy so that I fit into the image they’ve created in their minds about how I should be – the woman who can juggle it all. Only I couldn’t, and it almost broke me when I tried.

No, wait! It did break me.

Read the full chapter here. 

Well, I did it. After a few readers said that the last chapter of the book seemed to just end without any resolution, I’ve finally released the bonus chapter aka epilogue.  It’s a major spoiler for those of you who haven’t read the book but for those who have, I hope you like it.

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