#MusicSunday: Let You Go by Brendan James

The air tonight is lighter than all the air  that I was
floatin’ on before. I’m higher now for sure
I’m talkin’ bout the feelin’, the walk across the ceiling
To say goodbye to you and all you put me through

I’m up on Jack and Cokes like no one I know,
How could you bring me down? Hell if I know,
I really think you’re heavy so I let you go

Sometimes it takes a song to snap you out of a rut and Brendan James definitely helps ease me out of my writer-ly ruts every time.  His songs inspired my latest novel, and when I needed to come up with a bonus story (aka EPILOGUE) for said novel, I turned to Brendan’s songs again not for the mood but to cheer me up.

When you were so set to enter another one of your characters’ worlds and realize you’ve got to get back into the one you just left, it can be a tad depressing.  I love the idea of an epilogue but I also loved the idea that I had finished a book with a darn good beginning, strong middle, and a nice end.  But unfortunately, the ending was just too nice.  Like, I didn’t stick the landing at all. Or if it I did stick the landing, it was so lame, I got points shaved off for not ending it spectacularly enough.

But that’s writing for you.  You win some, you lose some, and sometimes you just have to give them that epilogue.

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