Making Lemonade

While yesterday wasn’t exactly a great day, I have to say that it could have been worse.

But it wasn’t.

First, I had a book promotion that I’d heard some not-so-satisfactory results about after I’d scheduled my slot, but I made back my investment by day’s end.  I also set one of my Kindle Select books FREE for the next few days and so if you’ve never read A Collateral Attraction and would like to give my writing a try, go give it a read!


Second, the shipment of books I’d ordered finally arrived and I discovered that while the library versions came out just fine (it’s what I’ve been giving away as gifts), somehow I’d uploaded a new version of the cover at the last minute, approved the proof without realizing that I had unchecked the Photoshop layer for the spine text. And so the books came out with NO text on the spines at all.

Maybe it’s because I came across a post on Kboards from an author who, after stumbling upon a book without any text on the spine, said that she’d never read anything by that author because it was just a sign of incompetence. It probably unconsciously scared the living daylights out of me because when I realized my mistake, I was beside myself for hours. Was I that incompetent? Am I really that clueless?  You know, that moment when all your author failures come tumbling down especially when combined with a bad Goodreads review (but I got over that so I’m fine now).

But the thought of tossing a box of books made me sick. I couldn’t do that. Not when I finally got it right (inside, at least) and the matte cover was just absolutely perfect.  Besides, it’s MY books we’re talking about here.

Thankfully I recovered, and here’s a look at how that recovery process is going.


I even managed to doodle a bit.


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