Inspiration Behind The Character

The other day, someone asked me where I got ideas for my characters.  While I could write about alpha billionaires that are all the rage these days, what made me pick a master craftsman for Dax Drexel instead?  Isn’t he a woodworker, one who builds things with his hands?

What’s alpha about that?

I don’t know about you, but I never figured out this alpha thing in romances.  To me, a man who was confident, strong and powerful whether in the battlefield, the boardroom or in the bedroom, was a good enough hero to my heroine.  He was just that… a man who wouldn’t call himself alpha even if you asked him if he was.  But it’s a trope so I get it.

I just don’t write that way.

The inspiration behind Dax started out with an article I read, followed by a video clip I saw on Youtube.

I fell in love with the wood shavings, the graceful swing of the wood planer and the resulting staircases that were built. I fell in love with the idea that I could have a carpenter for a main character, someone who loved being in the outdoors, who created things according to the flow of the wood grain in front of him.

What about you? Where do you draw inspiration for your characters?

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