“A Beautifully Written Book”

Thank you so much for this lovely review. I’ll be highlighting a few more of these on my blog in the next few days and weeks. I’m always afraid that Amazon might have a hiccup one day and delete all of them, so I will post them here.

“Everything She Ever Wanted is like a tapestry, with shades of light and dark, wit, and gravity, sorrow, and joy. When I initially read the book description, I didn’t hold out much hope for the quality of the story. However, I was very wrong. It was an emotional book with so much depth and feeling that my heart was twisting and turning for both Harlow and Dax. Divorce is nasty under any circumstances, but the higher the profile of the people involved, the stickier and dirtier the mud that gets slung around. Ms. Durano brings out the unfortunate truth that despite the age we live in, powerful men are always trusted and believed over women, even one that is as respected as Harlow.

I loved Dax from the very beginning. He is protective towards Harlow, even before getting to know her. Everything went against them as a couple, from Harlow’s education and status to the huge age gap between them. Again, society smiles at men with trophy wives half their age, but women with younger men are considered cheap – such hypocrisy! Dax’s family and the community he lives in are all very cautious about their budding relationship, and both Harlow and Dax have to make decisions about whether pursuing it further is worth the public censure they will receive.

A well thought out story with delightful characters.”

-Margaret Watkins, Amazon Review

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