Two More Days, A Book Launch Party and Brendan James

Yep, two more days before Everything She Ever Wanted goes live!  This is my fourth book out of the gate, so to speak, and I couldn’t be happier.  It’s my first release for 2016 and like my heroine, Harlow James, it feels like a new beginning.


If you’d like to read the first four chapters, get to know Harlow and Dax here or download the sneak peek from Instafreebie here.

If you’re on Facebook, my friends and I will be hosting a Mid-October Book Party on Saturday, October 15 and you’re invited!  If we’re FB friends, you’ll see the Page, and if we’re not, why aren’t we?  This is my FB profile so do say hi!

Mid-October Book Launch Party

Not to have this just book-related (at least, not completely), my favorite singer-songwriter is touring for the next 5 weeks and if he’s in your neighborhood, go check him out and say hi.  Brendan James‘ songs fueled much of Dax and Harlow’s story and even my 6-year old loves his songs.  He streamed his latest stop in Seattle via Facebook Live and the energy is just amazing!

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