He Said Yes

I have a confession. I totally fangirled over singer-songwriter Brendan James tonight after I saw him and his band perform on the Rockwell Table & Stage in L.A.


After missing him in San Diego during the weekend because I was teaching a 2-day foot reflexology class, tonight’s show was totally last minute so I ended up going by myself.  It was made even more stressful when hubby forgot that he had to come home early so I could get ready without the kid running outside the house while I was in the bathroom (story of my life) – or barging into the bathroom, for that matter, while I was inside (also, story of my life; this is what we get for living in a century-old house with one bathroom).  Then there was the two-item minimum at the restaurant/stage area which I wouldn’t have minded IF I hadn’t already eaten a full dinner while waiting for hubby to come home. I have never felt so terrible for a wasted plate of perfect calamari. And you know I never say no to good calamari…

But all that was forgiven the moment Brendan James came onstage, and everything in my world was alright again.  I first heard of Brendan when I stumbled upon his song, A Different Kind of Love somewhere online – maybe Spotify or Youtube – and the lyrics touched me so much I cried the first time I heard it, and every time after that (I’m much better now though).  I always thought that one day I’d write a story with that song as my inspiration – and I did.

That book is Everything She Ever Wanted, and when thinking of a quote I could use, I thought about how perfect the lyrics of A Different Kind of Love would go with the book.   After missing the San Diego show, I honestly thought I’d just give up on that dream. But just before I was about to approve the paperback on Createspace yesterday, something told me to hold off.  Who knows? Maybe I’d make it to the Rockwell show and ask him myself.

But what if he said no?  

To calm my nerves, I did the only thing a girl like me can do in an enclosed space where there’s a merchandise table in front of her. I shopped. I bought The Howl CD and a poster which I asked him to autographed (I told you I fangirled, and I am totally framing it!).  Then I asked for a picture with him. I look terrible with my frizzy hair and not enough makeup, but I don’t care.  


He said yes!

To say that I’m one happy author walking on Cloud 9 right now is clearly an understatement.  And like a message from the Universe (probably in case I forget that I only have 14 more days before launch day), I got this in my email box at midnight:


Yup, the book is really happening, and you can preorder your copy here!

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