October Goals

Hard to believe that it’s already October and here I am, about to release my first book of the year. I’ve released a few stories but not a novel. Chalk it up to “Second Book Syndrome,” a condition that strikes some authors when it comes the second book of their series. In my case, it’s Loving Riley, Book 2 of the Celebrity Series (formerly called the Loving Ashe Trilogy). Funny how one irate (beta) reader can make a writer totally lose all confidence in her story, even when 90% were happy with it. But added to the results of a big contest last year (hint: I didn’t make it), it only cost me a year so far of self-doubt – massive self-doubt that spilled over to every story I touched.

But no more.  This month, I plan to finally get Loving Riley off the ground and set for release in November. After all the prelaunch jitters of Everything She Ever Wanted, I’ve come to the decision that when Loving Riley releases, it will be a quiet one. Honestly, my nerves cannot handle one more prelaunch like Everything She Ever Wanted. It’s a culmination of the few ups and so many downs since last year that has made this upcoming release a truly nerve-wracking one.

So my goals for October are pretty simple:

  1. Launch Everything She Ever Wanted.
  2. For crying out loud, stop tweaking the paperback cover and hit PUBLISH on Createspace already…
  3. Do my best to let Everything She Ever Wanted go – just like that song. Now while I know I still have to market the book, I really need to get back to writing the other books.
  4. Edit Loving Riley and stop second-guessing myself. Fer reals.
  5. Send it off to the editor.
  6. Write the next book for the Fire & Ice Series – yes, Blythe is getting her own book, no matter how many people hate her. I honestly love her to pieces but that’s me.
  7. Do not do NaNoWriMo this year.  Just. Don’t. My plate is honestly full.
  8. Be happy that I wrote and published at least one book in 2016.  Even if Loving Riley doesn’t get released this year, I need to be happy that I even released Everything She Ever Wanted
  9. I need to be kind to myself, not ‘kinder’ because I haven’t even begun to be kind, for starters.

So there you go.  Monday goals for October.  And before I go, I think I nailed #2 this morning.  I finally got the paperback done.  Now I just have to wait for the proof to get here on Wednesday and heaven help me, that book will go live by Saturday.


3 Comments on “October Goals

  1. That’s excellent news, Liz!! I’m so happy for you^^ I plan to buy a physical copy of your book. I can’t wait to get it! I can finally say, “I’ve talked to this author before!!!”


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