A Monday Excerpt!

With 21 more days left before launch day, I’m pretty much a bunch of nerves, not knowing what to do next.  So to calm my pre-launch jitters, here’s an excerpt for you!

In the novel, Harlow is a 40-year-old pediatric transplant surgeon and Dax is a 27-year-old master craftsman who specializes in Japanese joinery.


We end up preparing gourmet pizza. One is a blend of Thai chicken pizza with pre-cooked chicken pieces, peanut sauce he mixes with lemon and other spices, sprinkled with crushed peanuts one piece of flatbread, and the second is a classic cheese pizza topped with whatever else we find on the refrigerator shelves on another.

Dax pulls out two thick comforters from one of the bedrooms and sets it on the couch in front of the flat screen TV.  By the time we’re settled with our second glasses of wine and the fully cooked pizzas in front of us, the first movie starts to play. It’s Tombstone, and he knows the dialogue by heart. He makes me laugh with his love for Doc Holiday, and I find myself wondering what I did right in my life to deserve a moment like this. There’s no pressure, and no worries of the past and the future. There’s just us snuggled on the couch enjoying our wine and homemade pizzas with the new moon a sliver in the sky, and above the greenhouse before us, the sun-shaped skylight reveals a tapestry of stars.

I find myself daydreaming about us in New York doing the same thing, snuggled on the couch. Some nights we’d probably see a play or a musical, and during the summers, check out Shakespeare in the Park or stay at the Hamptons. Can we really go beyond this moment and take it all the way out into the real world? My world? Would we make it? But is that what I really want to return to when this, right here, is perfect just the way it is?

“The tv is over there,” Dax murmurs, and I realize I’m staring at him instead of the screen.

“It is?” My hand drifts lower, slipping inside the elastic of his running pants but Dax catches hold of my wrist and rests it over the comforters where he can see them.

“It’s movie night, remember?”

“Oh, that’s right.” I bury my face in his chest. God, he smells amazing it’s driving me crazy. “So no making out?”

Dax shakes his head, grinning. “Nope, just like your rule of no wild parties.”

I pout. I knew my decision was going to haunt me.

After we clean up and put everything away, we pick our next movie, Some Kind of Wonderful, and this time, we decide to play the DVD in the bedroom. There’s no drama to our movements; nothing is forced at all. Even standing side by side in front of the bathroom mirror as we brush our teeth feels so right it scares me. There’s a lot of flirting and gentle bumping of body parts going on. Dax is playful, and I love it. He seems to pull out that silly part of me I never knew I had.

By the time Mary Stuart-Masterson opens the movie with her character, a tomboy named Watts, beating on the drums, Dax and I are snuggled in bed, propped up with pillows we’ve kidnapped from the other rooms.

I can hear the beating of his heart as he wraps one arm around me and I drape my arms around his waist. We don’t talk as if talking would ruin the lighthearted mood we’re in. I’m also pretty much buzzed from the wine, and at the moment I don’t want sex and neither, it seems, does Dax. He just holds me next to him, intently watching a movie that came out a year before he was born.

You can preorder Everything She Ever Wanted here.

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