Anne Rice on the Invisible Enemies of Every Writer

“They are always there. In front of you stands a person saying, “What makes you think you can be a writer? What’s so special about you?” Then comes the next opponent: “Who wants to read about that subject? That’s ridiculous.”

And then there’s “That story’s been told a million times. That’s just junk.” And then there’s the guy who says, “Do you realize how competitive it is out there? How do you expect to make it in a world f filled with so many successful people who are better than you?”

And of course: “Didn’t you read those negative reviews? People don’t like you. Don’t you get it? When are you going to quit?”

You have to show them ALL to the door, and slam it and go back to work. Your great asset is that you do not have to listen to them or to anyone. They have no authority over you. You are free, totally free, to sit down and write whatever you want, when you want, and offer it to the world. Use that freedom. Make something in writing and get it out there, and let the world decide.”

-Anne Rice

I saw this on my Facebook feed today and know all these enemies by heart. Did you recognize a few of them?

*I had to split it up into paragraphs for clarity

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